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Need ONEs tokens?

1% fee charged on every transaction

Need USDs tokens?

1% fee charged on every transaction

You will need ONEs or USDs tokens to use SeeSwap portfolio balancer. These tokens can be exchanged for any asset available in the Harmony network and are also used for pool staking and earning dividends.

Buy ONEs or USDs tokens with your Harmony wallet and swap them with other assets in the network. You can join pools and earn dividends, and you can always sell them back for ONE at any time.

ONEs and USDs tokens are backed by ONE and their supply and collateral are available for audits. Rest assured your assets are protected by blockchain immutability and always stored in your own wallet.

Harmony Tokens

You can swap as many tokens as you wish

Harmony tokens are based on the HRC20 token specification, derived from ERC20 smart contracts they can be easily implemented in Harmony Network and all Ethereum compatible networks.

In order to add tokens to your Harmony wallet, select the Tokens panel and press the (+) button, then enter the token address as specified in this list and the wallet will autommatically fetch the token info. Once you click on the Add button the token will appear on the list and the balance shown.

Now you're ready to swap tokens on SeeSwap!

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